How to Replace Asus F3 laptop keyboard

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How to Replace Asus F3 laptop keyboard Empty How to Replace Asus F3 laptop keyboard

Post  zlahstu001 on Wed May 30, 2012 5:52 am

In this guide, I will show you how to replace Asus F3 Laptop Keyboard
First of all, turn off your ASUS F3, disconnect the ac adapter and remove the battery.

1. Turn the ASUS F3 upside down, remove the seven screws then remove the cover.

2. Remove the two screws marked on the picture. These two screws secure the ASUS F3 keyboard.

(2) Turn your laptop right side up and open it up. There will be 4 tabs above the keyboard locking it down in place. These tabs are located above the ‘ESC’, ‘F5′, ‘F10′, and ‘Ins’ keys. Push each of these tabs back, toward the display to unlock the Asus laptop keyboard.

3. Turn the Asus F3 Laptop Keyboard over and place it on the palmrest. Now you can access the keyboard cable.

4. Unlock the keyboard cable connector and remove the keyboard cable.

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