Smart keyboard is highlight of Microsoft's Surface tablet

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Smart keyboard is highlight of Microsoft's Surface tablet Empty Smart keyboard is highlight of Microsoft's Surface tablet

Post  zlahstu001 on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:00 am

Steve Jobs used to say that the iPhone and iPad had ushered in a "post-PC world". Now, with the announcement of new line of tablets running the latest version of its Windows operating system, it seems that Microsoft agrees.

Revealed last night in Los Angeles, the Surface tablet comes in two flavours: a high-end machine with Windows 8, capable of running both traditional PC software and smartphone-style apps and a low-powered one running Windows RT, a cut-down version of the new operating system that only supports apps.

Surprisingly, Microsoft's real innovation is its answer to Apple's Smart Cover. While the iPad's cover just acts as a stand and switches the screen on and off when you close it, Microsoft's two covers turn the Surface tablet into something resembling an ultra-thin laptop.

The Touch Cover closely resembles the Smart Cover, but also offers a full Laptop Keyboard and touchpad. Microsoft says it "senses keystrokes as gestures", whatever that means, but it should be more comfortable than typing directly on a glass touchscreen.

Those looking for something a little more substantial can go for the Type Cover, a proper keyboard with depressible keys, much as you would find on an ordinary laptop. Both Surface models come with a kickstand, allowing you to prop the tablet up and use a keyboard cover just like you would a laptop.

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