Ryanair plane diverted to Berlin-Dental Machinery Valued Quality More

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Ryanair plane diverted to Berlin-Dental Machinery Valued Quality More

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Ryanair plane diverted to Berlin-Dental Machinery Valued Quality More
A Ryanair plane had to make an unscheduled landing in Berlin on Monday, due to a technical fault,after a warning light went on in the cockpit of the flight while it was flying over the town of Kassel, around 200 miles west of the German capital.
It is just the latest of a series of problems the budget airline has experienced, in September, three further Ryanair planes made unscheduled landings in Spain for varied reasons including a damaged engine.
As the american osprey aircraft meet many accidents, the aircraft's poor safety record following a series of accidents overseas.
The following are the mishap rate for each of the identified aircraft
MV-22: 1.93;
CH-46: 1.11;
CH-53E: 2.35;
CH-53D: 4.51;
AV-8B: 6.76
ALL USMC: 2.45
According to the questionnaire of the German Dental Clinic, most of the dental geräte can be used more than a decade.and also many hospital headers said the machinery requires repeated test and detection.The dental tools to examine, restore and remove teeth. zeta-dental.de promise to the dentist,Our dental equipment will overpast american osprey aircraft....
Besides the quality,maintenance is also important to all the machine
Some tips for dental equipment Maintenance:
Special cleaning solution may be required as well.
Check emergency resuscitation equipment
Check/clean plaster trap
Clean Pan or Ceph x-ray screens with a screen cleaner.
Check air and water filters in junction boxes.
Source: http://www.zeta-dental.de/article-580-Ryanair-plane-diverted-to-Berlin-Dental-Machinery-Valued-Quality-More.html


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