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Psych Seasons 1-5 Psych Season 5-Discount DVD Empty Psych Seasons 1-5 Psych Season 5-Discount DVD

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psych seasons 1-5 DVD Plot:Hero Black and white, Spencer full of handsome, fate is a woman, he received his rigorous training, developed beyond normal acute observation and memory, can pass the details to quickly inferred antecedents and consequences, mental class, in order to conceal his ability to pretend to have psychic powers; the two heroines tend to hit the mark by a fluke, staged scene be full of wit and humour. Summer is necessary, a cool summer! psych season 5 DVD Plot:Shawn isn't sure what to think when talented criminal profiler Declan Rand (Nestor Carbonell) comes to Santa Barbara to help track down a serial killer (Meredith Monroe) who is targeting people on a liver transplant list. This turns into a positive when Shawn is shaken out of his complacency, but Declan isn't just a professional rival, but a personal one. Meanwhile, Shawn must find a date to a wedding, and gets to meet one of his childhood heroes (Curt Smith). While on a haunted house ride at a local theme park, Shawn witnesses a murder. The park's vice-president (Rob LaBelle) thinks that it was the ghost of a kid who fell to his death 15 years ago, but then another death occurs, and Shawn & Gus learn that there are those (including Nora Dunn) with a 15-year-old cross to bear. Meanwhile, Shawn runs into Ken (Jerry Shea) and gets him fired from a second job, and Juliet pressures Shawn to tell Gus about their new relationship.



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